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Angie Renee
Relationship & Advice Editor
Who Is Angie Renee’? Angie Renee’ is an author, speaker, screenwriter, and mentor. She is known as the “girl-next-door mentor” because of her candor and witty personality. The candidness and Read More
Chozy Aiyub
Senior Designer
My name is Chozy Aiyub, 34 years of age, born and raised in Palestine and currently live in East Atlanta. I have been in the graphic design world for over Read More
Jeffery Kass
Food & Travel Editor
Jeffrey Kass is a lawyer, writer, chef, musician, and fashion and food enthusiast.  He graduated from The Ohio State University in 1992, majoring in poltical science and minoring in black Read More
Kingdom Gould
Technology Editor
Kwame Thompson
Politics & Law Editor
“I am a human being first and an attorney second. I look at each case as if it were me or my family member who were being sued. I try Read More
Kyle Black
Health & Nutrition Editor
Lizzie Vegas
Fashion Editor
Rod Deloach
Entertainment Editor

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